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Swollen labia when i masturbate

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Why is my vulva swelling so much with or after sex? | scarleteen

I had unprotected sex nearly a week ago and ever since i had it my vagina has been really quite sore to touch, it’s very iratating as i feel like i constantly am pushing something out of it. Im too scared to ask my parents so do you guys have any suggestions? i havent had my period ever. Or me in general. When i lie down, that pain goes away but my toes go numb.

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What causes a swollen vagina and should you worry about it?Can a gynecologist tell if i masturbate? it is my first visit to the gynecologist, what should i be prepared for? | center for young womens health

When to see a doctor

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Swollen labia when i masturbate. Is there something wrong with it? On 14/10/2011 at 02:37. I had vagina effection for ten months now it has been itching, pains and some smelling coming from my vagina so please i need your help. Hey, i would really like some help and some advise! me and my partner have started to have intercourse, but every time he fingers me or try’s to get me turned on my whole area down there hurts when he rubs it and when he fingered me. I am a 22 years of age,i am suffery 4 toilet infection 4 d past 8 years,i’ve tried different medication nd it stil remains. No lasting changes that will tell everyone whether or not you masturbate or are sexually active.


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About two months ago i was engaging in sexual activities with another male. I am not usally dry in side the vagina but i am always dry on the outer side of the inner lips, is it possable that i have lost so much tissue by the shrinkage or loss of tissue do to lack of hormoan replacement that it has caused the tube to feel large and if so what do i do about it, It may be difficult to determine whether the genitals are male or female.

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