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Improving sperm banking efficiency in endangered species through the use of a sperm selection method in brown bear (ursus arctos) thawed sperm

The development of specific protocols for sperm handling adapted to endangered species, i. Morrell is the inventor of androcoll and is a patent holder. There were no differences among treatments in the percentage of apoptotic sperm (table. The use of selection methods may represent an important tool for improving the quality of sperm samples and removing the extender [. In wild species, the logistical problems of transporting sperm samples to the laboratory in good condition are a barrier in the application of reproductive biotechnologies. Referring to yield, there were differences among colloid proportions. Sperm head morphology has been analysed as a fertility biomarker in various species, such as humans [.


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Rda sperm bank. A-ll and o-fc and am analysed the data and write the paper. ], we can hypothesize that these selected samples could penetrate better and deeper into the female reproductive tract. You must have javascript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. He requested joint custody and a visitation schedule with the children.

High-quality donor sperm

In this context, the selection with androcoll-bear 80 in the present study resulted in the highest yield the highest elongation, potentially indicating better freezability. Is like having a trusted friend by your side on your journey to parenthood.

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