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5% and remove people from the tax rolls that earn less than $30,000 per year. That’s a big question for yes or no. High taxes are forcing some residents to sell their homes. I am committed to continue to working in a bipartisan way to get work done for the people of my community and state.


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Endorsements: independents, greens, and libertarians

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Maine dick woodbury richard legislator rep. It can only create an environment that will foster job growth. The tenth amendment affirms this, further stating that unless its specifically prohibited to the states, the states are left with the power. As a business owner i spend a lot of my time trying to adhere to very burdensome regulations from both the state and federal governments. House minority whip alexander willette of mapleton was lauded as the youngest-ever republican legislative leader in the country, but is leaving the legislature after just two terms. In november 2011, saying “the supreme court is ignoring its own precedents to unleash a torrent of corporate and special interest money into our elections.


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Maine’s workforce is already credited with being one of the hardest working and most ethical in the country. We can do better.

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