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In peeing stall

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How to hold your pee in case of emegency

Whenever that happens i immediately stop urinating as soon as i hear the door open and i can’t go again until that woman leaves, or until she flushes the toilet or washes her hands. Typically i’m wearing khakis and the fear of splashback is real. I like to use some tissue to dab the ol’ helmet and make sure i don’t get any leaks when the chicken is back in its cage. Welcome to the ars openforum. Your password has been successfully changed. It’s really irritating, discouraging, and honestly extremely sexist how women with paruresis are always swept under the rug. Depending on the room temp and so on, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.


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In peeing stall. And to rub salt into the wound, people always say that women’s pee shyness is invalid and unjustified, and that we have no reason to feel embarrassed in public restrooms. Door closed but not locked, well that all depended on whether it was a door that swung open or a door that stayed shut. You consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Maybe i’ll just assume you drank 5 litres of cola. When he gets to the front of the line, then he will become interested in his surroundings – for 4 seconds. So now i’ve finished and i’m washing my hands and you still haven’t started yet.

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Guys that go into the stall to pee, why?

It is with furtiveness we seek the restroom, and once there it is difficult to turn off that fight-or-flight attitude, for those with the shy bladder have such difficulty in letting their defenses down. In other people’s minds, you are not as important as you think you are. To avoid issues with urination, a good rule is to be sure if the horse is on the ties for more than 40 minutes or so, give it a chance to urinate in the stall.

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