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Hair styles for facial features


To get the right cut consider these parameters when you talk to your hairstylist: Getting a great haircut has a lot to do with looking right on your face, but the shape of ones face is much more complex than circles, squares, ovals, or hearts. If you can figure out what shape your face is, i think the advice out there is an excellent place to start. There was an error. There are a lot more shapes within the shape of your face that, to me, make finding the right haircut much easier. Com’s guide to beauty, julianne derrick. When i was in hair school, three different instructors gave me three different answers when i asked them what face shape i have.

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Hair styles for facial features. And, let me confess. For example, styling your hair with volume at the crown can elongate a square or round face shape, properly shaped bangs can minimize a broad forehead, and a precisely styled bob haircut can enhance a great jawline. In fact, i highly recommend that you read this article and this one on face shapes from about. ; the way you style your hair has a greater impact.


A haircut is only the first step in achieving a shape to your hair that will enhance or camouflage your. When asked, i often want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

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