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So it may have to remain in the fantasy-not-reality basket. The guy that was doing anal watched us finish off and this seemed to turn on his friend. Then the black guy rubbed the head of his cock against my clit before plunging it back into my tight wet pussy. He pushed harder, forcing my tight tender ass hole to stretch open to accommodate his giant cock.


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Double dp first penetration. It felt so good. I was beyond words, whimpering and gasping and moaning like an animal. I’ve done it with a flanged dildo and a glitterati vibrator and then my hitachi on my clit (extremely unwieldy, not recommended) and with the same dildo and a rabbit vibrator (much better). He spread my legs and buried his face into my wet pussy, licking my clit and labia. Everything is different in dp pleasure, emotions, feelings, touchs even your self, you will completely turn to a monster and always ask for more, women’s is not like mens get tired from fuck and need some rest we always horny and never stopped once we start, this is a something you will never learn or understand it unless you try dp as it will unleash the whore inside you, my first dp was totally unbelievable the feeling i’m the queen between alot of mens and all of them want to touch my body licking my pussy grab my tits hugging me is really amazing and they all want to fuck me in the same time feeling of two big dicks inside my ass and vagina was very enjoyable specially with the slowly movements then turn to hard mode and the other dicks around me waiting their turn to fuck me, i felt like a queen.

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My boyfriend straddled my face and lowered his ass on my face. They both were a bit unsure of what to do so we started, but the rhythm was a bit off and it was a bit uncomfortable, so we slowed it down and they found a suitable pace and rhythm that suited us all. Something on my clit – i’ve done the dp with a dildo and a vibrator inside but no direct clit stimulation, and it doesn’t do it for me, which was a surprise since i normally don’t need my clit stimulated directly – i come hard just from vaginal penetration.

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