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1985 in murdered redhead


Later that year, in march, police received what they believed would be their first major break on the case. One of the victims had short, red hair, while the conditions of the other body made it impossible to know her hair color. The same month these bodies were discovered, police officers from the states where these victims were found came together to ask the fbi for help in determining if these redhead murders were related. Schacke miraculously survived her attack and was able to contact police who quickly arrested johns.


1985 in murdered redhead. These victims were often prostitutes or hitchhikers, and many were never identified due to an inability to find a family to verify their identities. Route 78 in desoto county, miss. On march 6, a redheaded woman named linda schacke reported to police that 37-year-old trucker jerry leon johns had attempted to strangle her to death with her own torn shirt before throwing, what he presumed to be her corpse, on the side of interstate 40 in knox county, tenn. The other was found in greene county, tenn. The killings continued, undeterred, and on march 31, the skeletonized body of another redheaded woman was found alongside interstate 24 in tennessee. One of the more compelling of these later findings was a body found alongside u. In february of 1985.

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Their result was inconclusive. With fbi representatives at a six-hour summit in tennessee to determine if these murders were related. Nichols had strawberry-blonde hair and was likely picked up while she was hitchhiking before her murder.

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